Belmont | Pioneer was formed in July 1991 with a vision to change the supply model for doors, windows and moulding in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our goal, then and now is for our business to be built on knowledge, relationships and quality products--the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. The early days were about building a name through hard work and good business. We started in a 4500 sq. ft. warehouse with most of the space dedicated to our pre-hung door shop and moulding inventory.

Belmont Pioneer Moves in 1998 Doubling Their Square Footage

By 1998, we were in need of more space and moved to our second home.  This new space almost doubled our square footage and allowed us to increase our production and inventory space area plus provide much needed office space and a small area dedicated to Pioneer's first showroom. During the next eight years, our business continued to grow. As the market evolved, we saw an opportunity to expand upon our original vision from 1991 and innovate the sale of our products through an "as installed" showroom.

Pioneer | Millwork Window and Door Shop

Belmont Pioneer Moves again in 2006 Opening a First-of-it's-Kind, Innovative Showroom featuring Windows, Doors and Moulding

On the first business day of January 2006, Belmont | Pioneer began business in our current location. We once again doubled in size to almost 15,000 sq. ft. More importantly, we opened a first-of-its-kind showroom displaying doors, windows and moulding like they had never been seen in the area. Today, we continue to innovate. Our showrooms are used daily by building professionals and home owners from all over the bay area. We have built a staff that is second to none in product knowledge, service and personal attention.

Today and Beyond...

Pioneer has moved to its new location in Belmont at 550 Harbor Blvd. and is excited to continue providing the entire peninsula with the quality products and exceptional service you have come to expect from Belmont Pioneer.