12 Ways to Maximize a Small Living Room

Don't let square feet hold you back. Here are a few tricks to gain back space in a small living room.

Do double duty

A small space doesn't mean that a room can't have multiple functions. By incorporating a sleeper that changes into a bed, a little living room can easily transform into a cozy overnight space for visitors.

Bring it outside

Add square footage to your living space by going outdoors. It's easy to elevate a deck or porch with a full rug, stylish chairs, and a side table.

Focus on efficiency

Carve out more space within a small area by placing seating along the walls. To max out efficiency, opt for a sectional with under-seat storage.

Add secret storage

In al small space, furniture that does double-duty makes all the difference. A window seat could store extra blankets. 

Bright in the light

Windows with natural light go a long way in making cozy rooms feel bigger. When possible, eschew curtains or blinds that obstruct light and views.

Take advantage of wall space

Draw eyes up with floating shelves that not only take advantage of wall space, but also leave more of the limited square footage free for seating.

Use white space

A cohesive, light palette - from the furniture to the walls - make rooms appear larger. Punches of a vibrant color, like the red throw blanket and pouf, keep the space from feeling bland.

Invest in funky furniture

Whimsical settes and colorful side tables can help you forget all about the size of the living room, and instead put the focus on the space's unique style.

Go Long

Stretch out a space with slim furnishings. Pieces like narrow bookcases and slim coffe tables go the distance in long living rooms, without making it feel over-crowded.

Capitalize on corners

If you've only got a corner to dedicate to seating, make the most of it. A mismatched armchair, ottoman, and pillows will give this corner an inviting feel, and tables that give to space function without needing an entire coffee table.

Do more with doorways

Show off your love for books by building a bookshelf around the doorway to the living room. It doubles as storage in the small space, and also functions as decor.

Raise the roof

To create a wider living space, expand outward into an exterior walk way if you can. Another idea is to raise the roof. Using exposed support beams help the room feel extra spacious.

Source: Sunset