5 Home Renovations You'll Want to Copy

How the heck do they do it?

How do your favorite fellow contractors attract so much attention and gain so many customers?

Well, take a look at the remarkable changes that these contractors did with VELUX skylights and see how easy it is for you to achieve the same.

Several contractors seek us out for renovation help because natural light and fresh air make the biggest difference to a space - and it's one that comes with a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Can you think of another project that does that?

So if you're ready to discover five renovations that you'll want to copy.. Here they are!

1. Kitchen: Colonial-Style Home

"It was smaller than what we needed," Webster said. "There wasn't enough light; there wasn't enough space,"

They connected with Architect Dawn Zuber of Studio Z Architects to help them expand the kitchen and living room and make both spaces brighter. The old kitchen was not only small, but also dark, making it hard for Webster, a food columnist, to photograph her culinary creations.

Zuber reconfigured the floorplan, expanding it from the back of the house to add a living room connected in an open space plan to a larger kitchen. This configuration not only improved the flow from the front door to living room, it created a common area where the family could spend time together.

"Light is a really important design element and in homes it's really important to have natural light and be able to give real life to space," Zuber said. "The quality of light from above tends to be a little more diffuse and reflects off the ceiling a little more, where window light can be a little more directional depending on where the sun is."

With skylights in the kitchen Webster has both a nice space to work and spend time with her family.

"As long as there's any light, I have an easy way to light the photography," Webster said of the new kitchen. "We are thrilled with the amount of light we deal with every day."

Watch here.

2. Living Room: Empty Nesters

When Sara and Frank began to think about their retirement, they were sure of one thing: they wanted to downsize to a home located in a walkable community.

They knew they had found their ideal location in a piece of property on Hope Street in Greenville, S.C., close to the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail. The trail stretches 20 miles from the city's downtown to outlying areas and the town of Traveler's Rest, S.C., and sidewalks make it easy for the couple to stroll down for an impromptu dinner out.

But, the location has some challenges.

"The lot was incredibly small," said Todd Usher, president of Addison Homes, a high-performance home builder based in Greer, S.C. "(It) had only a 12-foot backyard, so our ability to get a light into the back of the house, which happened to be the living space, was very challenging. They wanted privacy from the neighbor behind them, yet they wanted natural light. So the VELUX skylights played a key role in bringing natural light into the home."

To solve the lighting and privacy challenges, designers with Addison Homes placed two skylights in the living room and one in the kitchen. Located high on the roof, the skylights flood the living room and kitchen with natural light throughout the day.

The skylights also play a key role in the home's energy efficiency. 

"We've been quite pleased with our energy bills since we moved in," Frank said. "It's a fraction of what we paid in our old house."

See their home transformation here.

3. Hallway: Modern Farmhouse

Architect Dominique Lobjois of De Bilt Homes uses VELUX skylights to create air flow in the homes she designs.

Air movement and natural light are essential to creating from everyday life. In the modern farmhouse, she placed the skylight at the top of the stairwell.

When it's open along with a window below, a soft breeze wafts through the house, making air conditioning unnecessary. Natural light from the skylight also creates a design feature in the stairwell: it brings out the texture of the sisal-covered steps and the wood grain of cedar plank wall.

Watch her take on why skylights and natural light are so important to a house.

4. North-facing Room: Brick Home

When this couple moved from Vermont to Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the biggest benefits was more sunshine. The only problem was that their living room - despite having a wall of French doors - suffered from a lack of natural light due to the fact that it is north facing.

To fix the problem, they had three VELUX No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights installed. The skylights bring in a beautiful, diffused natural light throughout the day, making the space a magnet for a variety of activities.

"I think I always fixated on the fact that it was dark, especially in the morning when I would get up and the sun would be shining and it would be a beautiful day and I would have to turn the lights on," said Sybil Cioffi, one of the homeowners. "There was something that irked me about that."

In addition to brightening the room, the skylights open to bring in fresh air, and Cioffi often opens them to air her home.

See this dramatic transformation.

5. Kitchen Ranch Style

When Brendan and Nicole McGlinch decided to remodel an old ranch home, they knew one thing for sure: it needed plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Brendan, who works for his family's home renovation business, McGlinch & Sons Home Improvements, built the home himself, minus the brick and cement work. He is also a VELUX 5-Star Skylight Specialist and had ideas for a unique skylight installation.

The kitchen is the center of an open plan that connects the dining, living and family rooms. He positioned the skylights in a straight line across the roof ridge, creating a long shaft of light inside.

"It's amazing to me to take a space that's typically dark and once you put a skylight in and just to walk into the room and feel it open and airy and bright; it just makes the overall mood happier," he said.

Now the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.

5 years of hard work finally paid off!

All Beautifully Created with One Product

Making, designing, and remodeling masterpieces doesn't have to be difficult.

To learn more about the skylight and the 30% tax credit your customer receives, visit our skylight page here.

Source: VELUX