TruStile is not your typical door manufacturer.

From the quality of materials they use, to their made-to-order manufacturing process, to our short lead times, they are focused on making the finest, longest lasting doors with just one thing in mind…you.

Belmont Pioneer is one of few TruStile Design Center Dealers in the Bay Area.  Our showroom features TruStile custom displays which offer examples of each panel and sticking profile available.  One of our TruStile specialists looks forward to advising you on your project.

The TruStile Difference…

No Limits! - TruStile's motto is "Driven by Design." So it only makes sense that they live up to their high standards of quality. They offer design flexibility and their products are made to order and custom built to any size, style and material.

Premium MDF Doors – TruStile pioneered the use of MDF on premium paint grade doors. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is a preferred material for painted door applications with many advantages over alternative materials like natural wood. MDF, an engineered wood, resists warping, cracking and splitting and outperforms natural wood doors for painted applications.

Premium Wood Doors – TruStile Reserve Wood Doors are contructed with the latest technological advances combined with meticulous hand craftsmanship. TruStile Reserve incorporates only the finest materials and utilize an engineered panel made with a composite core for strength and stability, maintaining the look of a solid wood panel.

Stile and Rail Doors – We build our doors with the time tested tradition of stile and rail construction, a method usually reserved for wood doors. TruStile solid MDF doors are NEVER routed or filled with cheap core materials, instead, each door is constructed for superiority and architecturally correct details with an unequaled finishing surface.

Quality Commitment – Quality backed by a lifetime guarantee

Single-Source Provider – Look to TruStile to fulfill every door on your project.

Environmentally Friendly - TruStile MDF doors are SCS certified to contain 75% recycled content which qualifies them for LEED Credits in Green Building projects.

For more information, please contact one of our product specialists today.


Featured Products

Open the door to enduring beauty

When you do things well, people tend to notice. Maybe that's why our panel door collection remains an unforgettable favorite, combining the innovative with the classic. Browse our timeless panel door line and you'll find over 175 designs available in paint-grade MDF and 14 wood species.

TruStile (TS) Series

The TS series features over 100 architecturally-correct panel door styles from one- to nine-panel configurations. Each door is built with genuine stile and rail construction, and is not routed or stamped. As a result, our doors have crisp, clean lines and, quite simply, feel solid.

Tambour (TMB) Series

Our Tambour doors combine stile and rail construction with state-of-the-art CNC routing technology to create a uniquely contemporary look. Don't be afraid to combine these doors with other door styles for design interest and variety. A word of warning -- you won't find these doors in every house on the block.

V-Groove (VG) Series

The VG series feature doors with a rustic, tongue-and-groove look that emulates plank doors. Each door is built with genuine stile and rail construction to ensure greater structural integrity than plank doors. Our V-Groove doors feature square stick (SS) sticking and are ideal for Southwestern and Tuscan architectural styles. We can also substitute a grooved panel on any TS series door.

Custom Design (CD) Series

The CD series features an eclectic collection of custom door styles from our design team. These exclusive TruStile designs will likely to get as much attention as your art collection. The CD series includes our new Designer Door collection.

Doors designed to let light and creativity shine

Think most glass doors look the same? Think again. In addition to classic French doors with true divided lites, we offer the TSL and PL series of doors -- inspiring styles in which panels have been switched out for glass. Our manufacturing process makes it easy to substitute any door panel for glass to create your own look. No need to stop there since our glass doors can be specified with 40 architectural glass and resin options.

All glass doors can be built for exterior-grade applications with 5/8-inch insulated glass. 

French Door (FL) Series
TruStile's collection of French doors offers over 90 classic designs from one- to 18-lite doors. Our French doors are built with true divided lites, meaning each piece of glass is hand inserted into the door. All glass doors come standard with ¼-inch clear tempered glass, or you can customize with any of our 40 different types of decorative glass and resin.

Panel Lite (PL) Series
Our PL doors combine raised panels with glass lites, giving you the best of both styles. These doors can be used for both interior and exterior applications and come standard with ¼-inch clear tempered glass. Or, as always, you can get creative with any of our 40 different types of decorative glass and resin.

TruStile Lite (TSL) Series
Looking for something a little different than a French door? Take a glance at our TSL series, in which we have switched out door panels for glass. These doors not only give you maximum design consistency to match styles across glass and panel doors, but they also make for a high-impact entrance. All glass doors come standard with ¼-inch clear tempered glass, or you can get creative with any of our 40 different types of decorative glass and resin.

TruStile louver doors create architectural interest and enhance a variety of styles. Our plantation-style louver doors feature fixed, over-sized louvers in vented and false configurations. We can also switch out louvers for any square panel within a TS series door to create your custom design.


Vented louver profile

Vented louver profile

Vented louver doors

Vented louver doors permit air flow and passage, making them ideal for applications like closets and laundry rooms where ventilation is preferred. This promotes some visibility through the door on the non-blind side.


False louver profile

False louver profile

False louver doors

False louver doors feature a louver façade without air flow or passage. They are ideal for applications where a louver look is desired, but total privacy is a necessity. False louver doors are also available in exterior grade.


Looks to last a lifetime


All exterior doors come with our exclusive TruBolt system for added strength

You never get a second chance at a first impression, and we think your exterior doors say a lot about you. We also think exterior doors should complement the architectural style of your home. That's why all of our 400+ door styles are available in exterior grade. With TruStile, you never have to sacrifice style for function. All exterior doors receive our exclusive TruBolt system to ensure structural integrity. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty when they are installed in an opening with qualifying overhang protection.

Exterior MDF doors

TruStile's exterior MDF doors provide superior paint-grade performance for qualifying exterior applications. Our exterior-grade MDF doors receive specially engineered stiles, rails and panels to ensure they perform in changing environmental conditions.

Exterior wood doors

Enhance the beauty of any entrance with a distinctive wood door. Our exterior wood doors come with engineered LVL stiles & rails and are available in 14 standard wood species.


Safety without style compromise

Throw away the preconception that you have limited design options for fire-rated openings. With hundreds of styles and unlimited custom capabilities, TruStile ensures you will never sacrifice style when selecting 20- through 90-minute fire doors.

Designed to match non-rated doors

You no longer need to settle for flush doors with plant-on mouldings when it comes to fire doors. All TruStile fire doors feature full panel relief and are carefully engineered to match our non-rated doors. You'll achieve a clean, consistent look with the same details you demand on your standard doors.

1-3/4" thickness up to 90-minutes

Other manufacturers force you to make the jump to 2-1/4" thick doors for higher fire ratings. Not TruStile. We have specially engineered and tested our fire doors to maintain a standard 1-3/4" thickness up to a 90-minute fire rating.

20-minute fire-rated glass doors

With TruStile, you never have to sacrifice style for fire door safety. Now you have the flexibility to specify glass doors in 20-minute ratings. Virtually all of TruStile's TSL series and one-lite FL and PL series doors are available with 20-minute ratings. 

Custom capabilities

TruStile can work almost any custom design feature into our 20-through 90-minute doors. Send us your desired design and fire rating and our engineers will show you how we can carry it through all of the doors on your project.

20-Minute Fire-Rated Glass Doors

TruStile is pleased to add 20-minute glass doors to its comprehensive lineup of fire-rated door options, which includes 20- through 90-minute ratings.

With TruStile, you never have to sacrifice style for fire door safety. Virtually all of TruStile's stile and rail panel door configurations are available in up to 90-minute ratings. And now, you have the flexibility to specify glass doors in 20-minute ratings.

Fire-rated glass doors are the perfect solution for offices, conference rooms and lobbies where a 20-minute door is required by code but a glass door is desired for aesthetics.

TruStile's 20-minute fire-rated glass doors are built with the same premium construction as TruStile's other stile and rail doors.

  • Available to meet Category A and Category B requirements
  • Hose stream-approved glass can be specified
  • Available with any of TruStile's standard sticking profiles
  • Over 120 standard door styles
  • Available with arch- or radius-shaped glass
  • Custom door styles available
  • Maximum glass area over 3,000 square inches

It's all in the details

We understand that great architecture and design is really a matter of details. In fact, at TruStile, we are all about the details. That's why we provide you with countless options to tailor fit the doors for every opening in your project.


Material options to meet all your door requirements

Whether you plan on painting or staining your door, TruStile has the material option to fit your project and personal style. With premium MDF, 14 stain-grade wood species, and 40 glass and resin options, TruStile is your one-stop provider of premium doors for every application. Rest assured, no matter which material you choose, you're getting a door built with authentic stile and rail construction. What's even better, you can exactly match door styles and profiles across materials. That gives you the flexibility to get creative with a combination of painted and stained doors while maintaining total design consistency.


Sticking and panel options to make any door high-profile

A door profile refers to the joint where the sticking and panel come together. Think of profiles as the icing on the cake. You can achieve distinct looks by selecting different sticking and panel styles. With 66 combinations of sticking and panel styles to choose from, we are confident you'll find the perfect profile for your project. If not, we will be happy to partner with your dealer to create a custom solution. 

Arch and Radius Tops

Soften the look of a conventional square-top door by adding an arch or radius to the top. Arch- and radius-top doors create architectural interest and can be used effectively across different architectural styles -- from Tuscan to Colonial. All of our arch and radius panel and glass doors are available with an arch or radius top. What's the difference between the two styles? Arch-top doors are slightly arched, while radius-top doors are rounded even more.

Common Arch Pair

TS3040 standard pairTS3040 common arch pair

TruStile's common arch pair option is just another way we help you get the most out of any room design. Rather than placing two matching doors side-by-side, the common arch pair allows you to maintain design consistency while adding architectural interest across both doors. Rather than placing two matching doors side by side, common arch pairs carry details across both doors, such as curved panels and rails. The end result? The doors actually look like they were made for the opening. Common arch pairs are also available with arch and radius tops. 

Mirror Doors

TS4030 on closed sideTSL1030 on mirror side

TruStile mirror doors marry beauty with function, adding a new dimension to any room. Our mirror doors are a perfect space-saving solution for bathrooms, closets, dressing rooms and other applications when you need a full-length mirror on one side of your door. Maintain design consistency by utilizing one of our 350+ standard panel door styles on one side of the door and a built-in, full-length mirror on the other. Of course, you can always double the depth with full-length mirrors on both sides of the door.

Pocket and Bypass Doors

Pocket and Bypass DoorsPocket and Bypass Doors

Wondering what pocket and bypass doors are? Bypass doors slide one behind the other and are often used for closets. Pocket doors slide into the adjacent wall and are used to save space in smaller rooms or to achieve a sleek look. Our MDF bypass and pocket doors are constructed with our TopWedge® hardwood edge system to ensure the screw holding ability of hardware that is installed into the tops of these doors. These doors are available in any door style and material option, so you can achieve design consistency with the other doors in your project.

Architecturally Correct Pocket Door Construction

With TruStile you never have to compromise design for functionality. Did you know that TruStile offers a "pocket stile" and "pocket top rail" option for pocket door applications? The pocket stile option provides one stile that is 1" wider than the other. This allows 1" of the door to remain in the pocket when the door is fully closed, creating the appearance of equal width stiles.The pocket top rail option adds 1" to the top rail allowing 1" of the door height to remain above the finished opening height. This provides the benefit of completely concealing all the track hardware while maintaining the same visible top rail height as other TruStile doors.

Bi-Fold Door Options

Bi-fold door

 Even your closet doors can reflect your personal style. Most of our panel door styles are available in two- and four-panel configurations, allowing you to maintain design consistency with your other doors. All bi-fold doors come pre-fit with hardware.

Clipped Corner

Clipped Corner

Designed to fit under a stairwell, TruStile's clipped corner doors are available in any size and any panel style, allowing you to maintain design consistency with the other doors in your home. Built to exact specifications for your opening, clipped corner doors are handy for historic restorations.

Dutch Doors

Dutch door

Custom Dutch door in mahogany

Dutch doors are divided horizontally into two components, allowing you to open the bottom and top portions of the door independently of each other. Originally fashioned to promote ventilation while keep animals out of the farmhouse, Dutch doors remain a quaint way to improve the functionality of any space. TruStile can modify virtually any of our panel or glass door configurations to create a Dutch door.

Authentic Designs

Are you building a Tuscan-inspired home? Renovating an historic Victorian Queen Anne? Perhaps you would like to replace your doors, but need help identifying the right style for your home. Authentic Designs® by TruStile helps you select the right door for your home's architectural style. Each of the 12 Authentic Designs series provides a door selection to complement popular architectural styles, as well as design and material options to help you achieve your desired look.

 Art DecoArts & CraftsColonialFarmhouse
       Art Deco               Arts & Crafts            Colonial               Farmhouse

High CountryModernistNew EuropeanSouthwestern

     High Country           Modernist           New European         Southwestern

    Traditional               Tudor                    Tuscan                     Victorian
Art Deco Doors

TruStile's Art Deco series is a dramatic and stylishly sophisticated door collection. These doors combine modern European design ideas introduced in France with the romance of 1930s Hollywood. The result? An eclectic collection of Art Deco-inspired styles.
About our doors: Choose one-step (OS) sticking with a flat (C) panel for a streamlined Art Deco look, or bolection moulding (BM) with a raised (A) panel for a more elaborate "Deco" style.
Recommended profiles:
One-step (OS) sticking with flat (C) panel
Bolection moulding (BM) with raised (A) panel
Half-round Tambour profile
Arts and Crafts Doors

Simplicity and quality craftsmanship keep TruStile's Arts and Crafts door collection true to its historic namesake. These doors will add an authentic touch to your modern-day bungalow.
About our doors: Select the square stick (SS) and flat (C) panel profile to maintain the look and feel of this architectural style.
Recommended profiles:
Square stick (SS) sticking with flat (C) panel
Colonial Doors
Bring an early American sensibility to your home with TruStile's Colonial series. These timeless designs will complement your home with classic grace and elegance.
About our doors: Choose Roman ogee (OG) sticking and a scoop (B) panel profile to create authentic Colonial door styles.
Recommended profiles:
Roman ogee (OG) sticking with scoop (B) panel
Farmhouse Doors

TruStile's Farmhouse series represents historically accurate door styles in both panel and glass configurations, as well as updated interpretations of the historic designs. The doors feature square, recessed panels and rounded sticking to convey architectural simplicity.
About our doors: Choose quarter bead (QB) or quarter round (QR) sticking with a flat (C) panel to achieve architecturally-correct Farmhouse doors. Paint your doors in contrasting tones to customize the look. Whether you are building a new Farmhouse-inspired home or restoring a piece of history, we'll provide the perfect doors for your project.
Recommended profiles:
Quarter bead (QB) sticking with flat (C) panel
Quarter round (QR) sticking with flat (C) panel
High Country Doors

TruStile's High Country series offers a variety of door designs true to the building traditions of mountainous regions. Whether your mountain hideaway is in the Adirondacks or the Rockies, the use of natural materials is integral to the spirit and casual comfort of mountain living. TruStile helps capture this ideal with doors in a wood species indigenous to your region.
About our doors: Choose square stick (SS) sticking with a flat (C) panel or a V-groove panel to achieve this rustic architectural style. Paint your MDF doors in contrasting tones to further customize the look.
Recommended profiles:

Square stick (SS) sticking with flat (C) panel
V-groove profile
Modern Doors

Clean geometric lines give TruStile's Modernist series of doors a crisp, contemporary look to complement your desire for up-to-the-minute design.
About our doors: Choose square stick (SS) sticking with a flat (C) panel for a minimalist look or a raised (A) panel for added flair. Modernist doors are most popular in paint-grade MDF, but door panels can easily be replaced with specialty glass for more contemporary taste.
Recommended profiles:
Square stick (SS) sticking with raised (A) panel
 Square stick (SS) sticking with flat(C) panel
New European Doors

TruStile's New European series of doors will take your design sensibilities back to the high-style of French art and architecture. Whether your tastes lean toward the formal, fashionable Chateau or the relaxed feel of French Country style, our New European doors will provide French inspiration for your home.
About our doors: Choose low profile (LP) sticking with a double-hip (D) panel for a more refined look or Roman ogee (OG) sticking with a raised (A) panel for a more provincial feeling.
Recommended profiles:
 Low profile (LP) sticking with double hip (D) panel
 Roman ogee (OG) sticking with raised (A) panel
Southwestern Doors

TruStile's Southwestern series of doors brings the warmth of the Southwest to your home.
About our doors: Choose from V-groove door styles to emulate the Moorish detailing of Mission architecture or opt for one-step (OS) sticking with a flat C) panel to achieve a Southwestern look. The Southwestern series works well in both paint- and stain-grade applications, empowering you to finish your interior space to your exact specifications.
Recommended profiles:
 One-step (OS) sticking with flat (C) panel
V-groove profile
Traditional Doors

TruStile's Traditional series reflects the classic and historic design ideas of an earlier place and time. Bring the charm of Americana or the historic character of the New England Cape to your home with any of the doors from our Traditional collection.
About our doors: Choose traditional (TR) sticking with a (A) raised panel to reflect this classic, time-honored style.
Recommended profiles:
Traditional (TR) sticking with raised (A) panel
Tudor Doors

TruStile's Tudor door collection is reminiscent of the classic Tudor Revival period. Inspired by English manor homes and French country estates, the doors feature an assortment of elegant designs, gentle arches and arched lock rails found in Tudor entries and doorways. TruStile's Tudor series will bring a touch of European charm to your home.
About our doors: Choose Roman ogee (OG) sticking with a raised (A) panel to achieve an authentic Tudor door style.
Recommended profiles:
Roman ogee (OG) sticking with raised (A) panel
Bolection moulding (BM) with raised (A) panel
Tuscan Doors

TruStile's Tuscan collection brings the richness and charm of Italian country living to your home. Tuscan door styles are popular in a variety of wood styles and are also available in paint-grade MDF. 
About our doors: Choose a V-groove door style or insert a V-groove panel into any TS series of panel doors to emulate the heavy planked doors from this region. Alternately, choose square stick (SS) with a raised (A) panel for a more refined Tuscan look.
Recommended profiles:
Square stick (SS) sticking with raised (A) panel
V-groove profile
Victorian Doors
Romantic expression and imagination are emphasized in TruStile's Victorian collection of doors. True to its Victorian design notions, this door line features some of TruStile's more unusual door styles. The ornate nature of this door line effectively reproduces this historic time period within your home.
About our doors: Choose big bolection moulding (BBM) with a scoop (B) panel for an authentic Queen Anne look or Roman ogee (OG) sticking with a raised (A) panel for a more universal Victorian design.
Recommended profiles:
Big bolection moulding (BBM) with scoop (B) panel
Roman ogee (OG) sticking with raised (A) panel

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