Custom Door

Belmont Pioneer has years of experience in custom door services and pre-hung door services. We invite you to allow us to show you our expertise.

Custom Doors
Our product specialists have years of training and experience in assisting you with all the nuances of building a custom door. Attention to detail and knowing all the right questions to ask is the key to building the exact door of your dreams.

We will guide you through all the steps, including:

  • door styles
  • size
  • wood species
  • panels options
  • sticking
  • glass options
  • lock compatibility and architectural hardware

After we have gone through all the details, we will produce a drawing of your door for approval.

Pre-Hung Door Shop
Our pre-hung door shop team is one of the best in the industry. Years of experience and attention to the smallest detail are the cornerstone of our door shop. From a standard single door to a custom stain grade entry unit, round top doors, rake doors, invisible hinges, dutch doors...we do it all and we do it well.

Pre-Fit Services
Our door shop can pre-fit your new door to your existing door. This process allows you to keep the existing jamb and casing. We strongly recommend that you have an experienced carpenter examine your existing door and frame to confirm that a pre-fit will work. Our shop will cut the hinges and lock prep but some door frames can be out of square and will require site trimming. Installation of your new pre-fit door by an experienced carpenter will give you a finished product that fits and operates properly.

Custom Door